How does descaling work?

Descaling cycle, cleaning

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Every 6 months OR after each 1000th serving, your Spinn Maker must be descaled.

The Spinn will notify you via the Spinn App when a descaling cycle is required. You will need to perform manual actions before and during the process. The Spinn App will guide you through these actions step by step:

  1. Empty remaining water from the water tank

  2. Remove the Spinn water filter from the water tank

  3. Pour 1 dosage of Spinn Descale agent into the water tank

  4. Fill the water tank with fresh, cold water

  5. Replace the water tank in the machine

  6. Empty the drip tray and replace in the machine

  7. Empty the residue bin and replace the machine

Should you need help with any of these steps, please reach out to the Spinn Support team - we are here for you Monday - Friday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm PST. Click on the chat bubble in the bottom right hand corner of this screen.

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