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Tank falls, xl tank won't stay, install tank

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Be sure to follow the instructions exactly in order to have a proper installation of your XL Water Tank:

  • Clean the back of your Spinn with the alcohol wipe provided - the area below the barcode needs to be spotless and DRY.

  • Do NOT fill the water tank until installation is successfully completed.

  • The magnet needs to stick to the XL tank MAGNETICALLY (NOT the sticky side) - peel the red tab off, leaving the magnet stuck MAGNETICALLY to the metal plate on the tank....sticky side is to stick to the coffee maker!

  • The STICKY side is what will permanently attach to the Spinn Maker, NOT the metal plate on the tank.

  • Once you have GENTLY peeled the red tab off, put the tank on the Spinn and firmly close it.

  • Press FIRMLY for a good 10 seconds.

  • Let is sit for a few minutes while you open the Spinn app to change the settings to the XL tank:

    • Select Maker Tab (bottom of screen)

    • Select Menu in upper right hand corner next to bell icon

    • Select 9th option in menu is XL water tank

  • Now remove the water tank, install the water filter (if you're using one)

  • Fill tank with water and enjoy!

**If you have accidentally damaged the adhesive and cannot get the magnet to stick, we recommend adding a drop of superglue to the magnet and reapply it to the tank. Be sure to allow plenty of dry time before filling the water tank!
***f you would like to place an order for a new magnet, please reach out to the Support Team within the chat!

Should you need any help, please reach out to the Spinn Support team - we are here for you Monday - Friday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm PST. Click on the chat bubble in the bottom right hand corner of this screen.

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